Making the Switch [Part 2]: Cruelty-Free Make Up

At some point last year (let’s not get into specifics, yikes) you may have read my rather enthusiastic post regarding a switch to cruelty-free skincare. You may have also read a certain promise I made about a follow up cruelty-free make up post, which until today I’ve been unable to deliver, though it’s not been for lack of trying.

You see, I figured it was going to be fairly straightforward, given my previous success. But let me tell you, it has been anything but easy! Especially for someone like me who doesn’t like to spend a fortune on high-end brands and prefers to shop at her local chemist or Priceline. Needless to say my tardiness has been mainly due to misinformation, trial and error, and a general lack of money available to spend on an ever-growing amount of make up trials. But finally, I think I’ve done it. I have successfully switched my entire make up collection to cruelty-free brands. Well, at least I think I have…

I’ll go back to the beginning, but first, I’d like to just say that I am not a “make up girl” — I wear the basics, but certainly don’t get too carried away with elaborate eyeshadow or contouring techniques every day, hence why I thought the task ahead would be any easy one. Wrong!

My research started, naturally, with the make up brands’ own websites and published information about their stance on animal testing. I then decided to use the PETA cruelty-free list as a back-up, and found that (typically) what the brands were saying was in fact the opposite of what PETA was saying. Frustrated, I went a step further and hopped onto the Choose Cruelty Free and Leaping Bunny websites. Again, conflicting information. I then found out that there are actually no official requirements around cruelty-free labelling, so basically anyone can just stamp ‘cruelty-free’ on their packaging and we’re expected to believe it. And while some brands’ end product may be cruelty-free, the ingredients contained within it may in fact, not be.

Like, c’mon guys…

So, additional research was required. I began reading countless blogs and reviews, only to find that pretty much everyone was in the same boat, floating aimlessly in a sea of bullshit and lies. All we want is a mascara that hasn’t been tested on a damn rabbit, is that too much to ask? Ugh.

Basically what I’m saying is, a lot of research was required before peace of mind was attained. But I think I’ve got it. Maybe. Let’s just say that I’ve completed my collection and am fairly confident that all the products I’m using are cruelty-free. They are also affordable, and of a high quality. Trust me, after using my first trial eyeshadow palette I was almost wishing it had been tested on something fluffy — I spent the whole night with my eyes watering and itching like crazy. Not a good look.

So, the brands I’ve settled on (not all pictured) include:

Face of Australia
Nude by Nature
Burt’s Bees

I’ve also started using make up brushes for the first time in my life, and scored a great set from Nude by Nature for around $20, and have since added a few extras from e.l.f. They are all high-quality synthetic and eco-friendly, and a nice finishing touch for my new make up collection.

Cruelty-Free Make Up

So there you have it, guys and gals, I hope this helps you with your own cruelty-free make-up search, and if there’s anything you’d like to ask or recommend that I haven’t covered please let me know!


Peta. x