Frank Body Cream and the Olfactory Memory Trip

You may recall my mention of Frank Body in a previous post about cruelty-free skincare, but today I’m not here to talk about the happiness of rabbits; rather the vivid sensory experience that occurred when I first opened my brand new tub of Frank Body Cream. An experience which, I’ve recently learned, has a very official sounding name: Olfactory Memory.

Allow me to elaborate, if you will…

I didn’t have the happiest of upbringings, and unfortunately it seems as though for every bad memory I’ve suppressed, a few of the good ones have been dragged down with it. One of which came flooding back the instant I cracked the lid on this delicious body cream. I was literally, instantly, and wonderfully transported back in time to a very happy place from my childhood – our local swimming pool – and all the sunshiney memories that went along with it. I felt the blazing Perth summer sun on my shoulders, heard the delighted laughter of my friends, and tasted the sugary summer diet of Golden Gaytime’s and chocolate milk.

I was shocked. Such a vivid recall had never happened to me before, let alone in response to a moisturiser.

Golden Gaytime

I’ve now been using this body cream for a few weeks, and still, every time I open it I am flooded with memories from summer’s gone by. I can’t quite put my finger on the scent – it’s like a mix of caramel and chocolate and something… something else. That ‘something else’ had been driving me crazy, so of course I was interested to learn that when it comes to olfactory memory, “deliberate recollection of an odour experience is not necessary for implicit memories of odours to form in the brain.”  — Wikipedia

Having discovered this fact I think I can stop trying to determine the scent, and instead just enjoy this magical moisturising cream that smells like happy and makes my skin feel like velvet. Frank Body, you’ve unlocked a piece of my past once long forgotten, but happily since remembered. Thank you!


Peta. x