Making the Switch: Cruelty-Free Skincare

This probably sounds terrible, but I’ve never really given a lot of thought to the types of products I slap on my face everyday; where they come from, what they’re made of etc. I’ve typically been driven by price and whether or not a particular product works for me, not by cruelty-free labelling.

It’s only really since making the switch to a vegetarian diet that I’ve begun to take animal welfare into general consideration (not that I was ever PRO animal testing, just so we’re clear), and made a few changes to my regular beauty regime.

I’m thankful to have been blessed with good skin, but that doesn’t mean that looking after it doesn’t take some effort – a somewhat unfortunate realisation I’ve had since entering my thirties! I’ve always worn sunscreen and moisturiser, but was never great with the whole ‘cleanse, tone, moisturise’ routine that the industry has been peddling since I first picked up a copy of Girlfriend magazine in the early 90s.

This all changed when I discovered Sukin. It’s Australian made, paraben free, and completely vegan. And boy, does my skin LOVE IT. I’ve slowly been adding more and more products to my collection and my skin just keeps getting better and better! And did I mention that it’s oh-so affordable? You can order online (super quick delivery) or pick some up at your local chemist for an absolute bargain.

Here’s my Sukin routine for amazing skin:

Morning: Cleanser > Scrub (every second day) > Recovery Serum > Moisturiser
Evening: Cleanser > Recovery Serum > Moisturiser > Hydrating Mist Toner

During my cruelty-free search I found that a great source of exciting new products is Instagram. I’ve discovered a number of excellent and affordable brands this way! You are surely all familiar with Frank Body; a humble coffee scrub that took the world by storm and since released a range of coffee-based skincare products. I’m a huge fan of their body scrubs, and also the body balm, which I found to be a total lifesaver for my skin throughout the winter months.

Clear Me Skin is a new one for me, but also seems to be working well. I use this face mask once a week or fortnight to really freshen things up.

So, now that I’ve got my skincare sorted with an abundance of cruelty-free products, I am in the process of overhauling my make-up. I was fairly dismayed to find that pretty much all of the products I’ve been using are tested on animals! Stay tuned for the next instalment… 

Peta. x